Congratulations on being uncommonly dedicated to your weight loss goals. By training with the more intense experience of a weighted vest, you have accelerated your results and probability of satisfaction with your body many times. Weighted vest workouts are guaranteed to get the pounds off of you faster, and should be complemented by the right diet to ensure even further weighted vest weight loss. Below are proven diet techniques which take full advantage of a weighted vest for weight loss.

1. Eat smaller meals more often

A weighted vest workout will leave you hungrier than a low impact workout. Therefore, and this may seem counterintuitive, but learn to graze. Here’s why:

Six small meals a day of healthy foods will speed up your metabolism for weight loss, at the same time, keeping your body nourished so that it can more readily prepare itself for the next workout.

2. Make breakfast your biggest meal of the day

A big breakfast, contrary to popular belief, is essentially important to weight loss. The reason is, the period between sleep and breakfast is the longest period in which the body has no food at all. If you wake up and do not eat breakfast, you do not lose weight; you put your body into hibernation mode, in which it will store more fat than normal.

3. Eat lots of lean proteins

Your snack habits should change, as your best-weighted vest workouts will change the needs of your body. You will need more proteins. Get them from cage-free eggs, beans, and nuts. Stay away from red meats and supplements, as they will tend to bulk you up.

The lean proteins will not make you gain weight through muscle, although muscle is more dense than fat. Muscle incinerates calories, and so the more lean muscle you build, the faster fat will burn. It is not uncommon to see a slight weight gain at the start of this program. Do not be alarmed; this is normal.

4. Drink lots and lots of water

Your snacks could also consist of fruits and waters, which are important to give your body back the nutrients it needs to properly function. Stay hydrated so that you can release unhealthy toxins and weight holding substances from your body.

Weighted Vest Safety

You should consult your doctor before you do any exceptionally difficult or strenuous types of exercises, that being said, a weighted vest is an excellent tool for increasing strength, agility, vertical leap, and overall explosiveness.

Certain workouts are more successful for weighted vests, and some are more susceptible to causing injury.

Good Exercises are workouts that focus on your start/explosiveness.

• Squats

• Deadlifts

• Burpees

• Pushups

• Farmer’s Carry

There are also good slow burn exercises that focus on stamina or weight loss.

• Walking

• Hiking

• Plank Holds

• Cycling

I would recommend avoiding these types of exercises though:

• Jogging

• Interval Training

• Cycling

The rule is to put them as little stop and start pressure on the knees as possible.

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